Friday, 22 March 2013

Hey look we have a house!

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the internet! We're Jodie & Josh and we just bought our first house!

So what's so special about our house I hear you say? It's a little 3 bedroom place in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. It's a 1000 square metre bush block which backs onto a reserve so you can look out and not know where our land ends and the reserve starts. From looking at the style of house, it's fixtures and character, it may be around the 1940s era and we're madly in love with it.

So this brings me to this blog. While this place is everything we'd ever dreamed of owning (in our budget) it needs a LOT of love. It came with original green floral wallpaper, lilac living areas, a kitchen that has a lot of floor space but somehow no bench space to speak of, a poky bathroom and separate toilet and a whole backyard rampant with weeds. We're telling people it's got potential.

We're dreamers. We got ideas bigger than this house can contain and it's our mission to turn it into a home. Every step along the way we're going to document our progress. The wins, the fails and everything in between. We hope that you can follow us on this journey and learn alongside us as we grow into this little house we call ours.

Thanks for stopping by!

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