Saturday, 27 April 2013

Backyard - Stage 1 - Weeds, weeds, weeds

The problem with weeds is they take FOREVER to get rid of. We've been hacking away at our backyard since we've lived here and it was only quite recently that I feel like we've made a breakthrough. Above you can see our wire fence down the side of our backyard absolutely covered with weeds. The right hand side fence was lush with green weeds whereas the back fence had so many weeds on it they'd competed and competed and killed each other off. Fabulous. Less work for us disentangling them from the wire!

Ta Da! We finally finished the other weekend! Now you can see the fenceline all the way down. A number of people have asked me why I want to be able to look straight into the neighbours yard (and vice versa). The fact of the matter is that while the weeds were a pretty good screen they were ugly. They were also so over run that nothing was ever going to grow. Ever.

My favourite part is being able to see through our fence into the bush reserve behind our house. One of the many reasons we bought the house in the first place. You can see here where we had a bonfire to burn out a tree stump right in the middle of the back part of the yard.

So let's talk about The Vines. Unbeknownst to us when we first started weeding was the incredible amount of vines running through every square centimetre of the yard. Here's what I'm talking about.

Every handful brings up tangled vines that criss cross over each other and require a whole lot of muscle to pull out of the ground. Here's one section of our backyard complete with side fence.

And here is the pile of vines that got pulled out.

I kid you not this backyard is going to take forever to fix up. But at least we have a little helper to eat the clover!


  1. Ugh, we're dealing with this in our FRONT yard right now. Our neighbors love it. :) I hope we finally make a breakthrough like you have soon!

    1. Ooh it'd be awful to have this out the front of your house. I hope you get some good weather so you can get stuck into it!
      Good weather makes all the difference.