Sunday, 5 May 2013

A tallboy painted teal

Hey look I painted something! I've had this tallboy for years. It used to hold my clothes until we moved into an aparment with tons of closet space so it got to hold my fabric stash for sewing instead. For a while after we moved in here we really needed it because we have very little closet space in our bedroom. But now that we've bought an entire bedroom suite it was time to put it back in the sewing room and fill it full to the brim with fabric.

Since we had leftover teal paint from painting the Dining Room I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give this tallboy a new life in a different colour.

I started by sanding the whole thing down with the Orbital Sander. Yes. That's right. I used a power tool and I totally knew what I was doing. I used P40 sandpaper for the fiddly bits.

Once it was all sanded back I moved it inside on some dropcloths and painted for four hours. I ended up doing 2 coats of paint on the entire tallboy inside and out as well as all the drawers. I gave the top surface a third coat at the end since it would be highly visible and would most likely have stuff stored on it.

Here it is in place in my sewing room holding my machines. It doesn't have handles yet because I've never loved the handles that came with it and I can't bring myself to put them back on. I'm going to get little round wooden handles from Bunnings and maybe paint them black? Or maybe just keep them teal? What do you think?

So while we're in my sewing room want to look around?

I've moved my table over into the corner so I get the morning and afternoon light through either sets of windows.

And I have all my notions and books stored against the other wall lookin all neat and tidy.

And here's a pretty average photograph of one of my next projects. I've enrolled in a short course on upholstery so I'll be taking this chair apart and redoing it in some fabric that goes with my sewing room.

Stay tuned!

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